RazoRock BBS AS Super Knurl Handle - DE Safety Razor

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​RazoRock BBS AS Super Knurl Handle - DE Safety Razor

AS: Medium-Aggressive Aggression on our Razor Scale - The RazoRock BBS "AS" is a special base plate that was prototyped for one of our owners. The "AS" stands for "Aggressive Step." This is a large gap version of the RazoRock BBS designed to handle long beard growth while providing a more aggressive shave. Don't be fearful though, keeping with the BBS tradition the shave is still ultra smooth and the base has been designed in such a way to offer the shaver the best of both worlds.

What makes the RazoRock BBS safety razor so unique and wonderful? Our testers have told us the RazoRock BBS is the smoothest shaver they've ever used! We chalk this up to two reasons. Reason number one, the geometry of the BBS head puts more bend on the double-edge (DE) blade than any other safety razor we've ever used. This increased bend puts more torque on the DE blade making the blade edge more firm and rigid. All good razor designers know the secret to a smooth, irritation-free shave is a super thin and sharp blade that is held as rigid as possible! Reason number two, because of the geometry of the head, the shaving angle is decreased from the typical 45 degrees (angle of handle-to-face) to roughly 35 degrees for the RazoRock BBS. This allows the shaving angle to work better with gravity and the weight of the handle to guide the head more freely and intuitively across your skin.

Some people have asked, what is the significance of the BBS name? BBS is an acronym for BABY BUTT SMOOTH! I think that is pretty self-explanatory ;)

The RazoRock BBS safety razor is FULLY CNC MILLED from 316L (marine grade) billet and rod stainless steel at our machine shop partner in Ontario, Canada. We are VERY PROUD to offer you a razor of such high quality for an incredibly affordable price. This is a razor that will last many lifetimes if cared for and cleaned. Before you buy this razor, we ask you to do your research and see if you can find a razor of this quality for even double our retail price, we bet you won't!

​RazoRock BBS AS Super Knurl Handle - DE Safety Razor

BBS (BABY BUTT SMOOTH) un rasoio che parla da solo grazie a due particolarità.

1) la geometria della testa fa si che la lametta venga piegata di più rispetto a qualsiasi altro rasoio di sicurezza. Questa maggiore curvatura aumenta la pressione sulla lametta rendendo il filo della lama più sottile ma stabile.

2) A causa della geometria della testina, l'angolo di rasatura viene ridotto dai tipici 45° a circa 35°, ciò consente di maneggiare al meglio il manico e di guidare intuitivamente la testa per una rasatura perfetta.

Il modello AS "STEP AGGRESSIVO"  ha un'esposizione della lama positiva ed è progettato per gestire la crescita della barba lunga fornendo una rasatura più profonda.