RazoRock Snowman Plissoft synthetic shaving brush. 24mm knot

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​RazoRock Snowman Plissoft synthetic shaving brush. 24mm knot

Years ago, a good client showed me a vintage Simpson brush that was passed on to him by a relative, it was simple but elegant and every so often I went back to the photo to look at it's beauty. I knew eventually we had to recreate this handle and the project finally came to life with the help of our skilled resin handle maker. We call this brush the Snowman, for obvious reasons, it's fitting that as I'm writing this description I can see the snow falling outside the window of my office.

Over the last few years, we have sold tens of thousands of different RazoRock Plissoft shaving brushes and frankly there is no better shaving brush for the money, in the world! The value is unmatched in the industry and RazoRock goes beyond the competition by offering beautiful and unique handle designs, many of which are throwbacks to the past. You may be wondering what makes the Tuxedo Plissoft different? The RazoRock Tuxedo knot combines the backbone of our Noir Plissoft knots with the soft tips from our Silvertip Plissoft knots. If you are looking for a brush with excellent backbone but you still want a luxurious soft face feel then this is definitely the brush for you!

24 mm x 57 mm Tuxedo Plissoft Synthetic Knot

Handle Material: Black resin

RazoRock Pennello da barba Snowman Plissoft 24mm

Da un'idea presa da un famoso pennello vintage il Razorock Pennello da Barba Snowman riproduce e da l'idea della classica forma del pupazzo di neve (snowman in inglese). Il nodo Tuxedo di questo pennello combina le due fibre dei top di gamma di Razorock: il Noir Plissoft e il silvertip Plissoft. Una sensazione unica, morbida e super confortevole.

Nodo: 24mmx57mm
Materiale Manico: resina nera